Friday, March 5, 2010


I have got 1 hour to compose a hastily-posted-writing as the commencement post for this March. I mean, I am trying to write something important happened around me early this month (or at the very edge of Feb). I have not been able to regularly write something recently guys. It's not because I didn't have time, indeed, we do all have the same time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and so forth. I just felt so hard to transform ideas on my mind onto stacks of digital papers on my notebook. Ok, I'd like to start with the super one. On Feb 28, I did great thing in which for the very first time this year I re-tried to guide the club activity.

I became facilitator of Hut program in which then we all insanely laughed, screamed, gave standing ovation and commented toward each other. As a member who have been joining the club (My English Club) for more than 4 years, I pretty much though of doing this but the time had not come yet. I mean I'd be pleased to had others lead it instead of me at first hand. I sometimes told myself that I had chores of experiences in guiding the hut. But it always so stoked to lead the guys at the club, that is why I wanted to try to guide them again. I made them somewhat crazy though :). Wanna know the story? I wrote an excerpt on MEC's blog, just check this blog out here:

The second tremendous thing was that, I got some job offer and projects this month (I won't tell you here now though). Latter on :)

Okay, the third is that about the plan of kicking off some businesses with friends and families. I am totally enthusiastic to start up business. I don't really have bunch of experiences in businesses though, but I really want to have one, at least one. I do have my own little business, it just hasn't gone to the moon. May Allah ease everything of me for now then.

Next is about the improvement I have made within myself. I joint SMS TAUHIID provided by Aa Gym & co few days ago. Aa made sort of message service program for those who subscribe but it is completely FREE. It's not like any other reg programs as you see on telly, instead it is an at-no-cost program that you really have to join, you MUST! I join this program and get an SMS about Tauhiid, daily. This program quite works out since the member now has been out of the quota. It exceeds 10 thousands people registered. It's really easy to join in. Just type REG TAUHIID on your cellphone and then send to 085722512345. Do it now and you'll get daily SMS about Tauhiid, cool isn't it? Readers, I cordially admire Aa who consistently contributes something for this ummah, hope I can be like him in terms of giving and sharing to all.

Well, time's almost up!
Okay, today March 5, I became trainer who trained some of Daarul Jannah cottage's staffs about English. It was turn of mine to do so anyways. I taught about “Writing Business letter” and made quite interesting presentation (I hope so :)). There were 5 students came then and all of them are actually Front Line Officers at the company. This program has been running for about 2 moths and I have several times been their trainer for particular topics related to Hotel and Hospitality management. I enjoy teaching them as I can get hilariously good atmosphere in a way of learning with adults. I was not quite used to it before, but now I love facilitating adults also.

Okay 10 minutes left!!!
Hm....well, I have several times seen a boy who always goes to mosque for praying. He is not a boy yet though, I mean he is just probably 5 to 6 year-kid but he goes to the mosque to pray 5 times a day. I wonder who his parents are. I have not found them and I intend to find them. Or I'll probably ask that kid. I somehow admire that child who is at his age able to perform praying at the mosque. It looks so ironic when we see adults Muslims out-there commuting for seeking worldly things. Well, I didn't humiliate anybody, I just tell reality around me. We indeed can learn many things from an immature yet I would say immaculate kid around us. May we can always take lesson from every single moment in our lives.

It is 10.09 P.M. and that means no time left! Thanks for reading, see ya next time. Salam!

*Rough – unedited

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