Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour

Hi readers, it's now exactly 8.30 PM, Saturday, March 27, 2010. For over next one hour I'll be living in the dark, it means no there is no source of light in my dorm except from this computer screen. I am typing this note with no light from the bulb hung on the ceiling of this room, it's little bit hard though since I am not that expert in typing with no light. Moreover, my laptop's keyboard isn't like Macbook pro which each letter or symbol of the keyboard can glow in the dark. It's still fine anyways as at least it'll be good for drilling typing skill of mine.

Few days ago WWF urged all people in Indonesia (and in 125 countries too) through media such as newspaper and website to turn the lamps off for about one hour. In Indonesia it happens at 8.30 – 9.30 PM on March 27, 2010 - today. WWF is an environmental organization which works to protect nature and give understanding to the people whole around the globe about the importance of keeping our earth clean, comfortable to live in, pure and fresh. Hold on guys, you must have known what is WWF, mustn't you? Well, it stands for World Wildlife Federation and please don't associate it with World Wrestling Federation which also shortened as WWF. You have at least ever seen it on telly in which the stars such as The Rock, Stone Cold and many other players play in false yet so much entertaining wrestling game in the USA. I used to love this program when I was kid anyways. World Wildlife Federation has ever sued World Wrestling Federation as the latter used the same abbreviation - WWF. World Wrestling Federation then changed its name into World Wrestling Entertainment and shortened into WWE instead. So hence, if you see WWF that means World Wildlife Federation which conserves our earth from global warming, forest destruction, animals hunting, ice melting and so forth.

Earth Hour program is designed and introduced by WWF to make people realize about the significance of saving our planet by turning off the light wherever we are. For example in our house, office, bridge, building, tower etc. The slogan I have read more or less says “Let's make our earth colder”. Well, it's good to do something for our earth. We sometime look it as a simple or trivial way when we turn off the lamp for just one hour (60 minutes). We often think that it'll not make any difference, or at least I the one who thinks it so. But when I try to ponder it deeper, I finally come into a thinking that if we all do it at a whole, indeed we'll make a difference. It's maybe just one hour and the electricity power we reduce just few watt. But once again, if we do it all in the large group - altogether, we'll surely help our earth from the mentioned-problems.

I don't really know for sure when we should turn the lamp off, is it annually? Monthly? I guess it'd be great if we do it weekly. That means we've gotta switch anything off once in a week. It's kind of challenging, isn't it? By inactivating any device for one hour I do believe it'll help our earth as we'll lessen the spending of our energy. The reason of the dissemination of the earth-Hour program is presumably because we barely can reduce the use of our electricity unless with this worldly-commemorated event. By doing this, I am quite sure everybody's heart we'll be tugged as we are tend to follow the so-called trend. And earth-hour is moving-forward trend, there'll be more city follow this program, this year there are about 4000 cities whole around the globe register to join.

Indeed, there are many things we can do to save this planet and we need to be commitment in doing this. I myself always minimize using plastic and electricity in my dorm, I use low voltage bulb, I always say “no” of using plastic bag if I buy something from the store – I bring my own bag or I can use my back-bag. You can try your own guys, happy saving our earth!

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