Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cherry blossoms

If you ask me what color I like best, I'd answer blue. But if you ask me what color I love the most, I'd answer pink, that's why I put more pink as the banner above, point anyways! It actually simply means that favorite colors of mine are blue and pink, that's it :)

Well, hello hello everyone, it's April now. What seems to be so special for you in this month? Is there any? It can be yes or no. But for me, it's certainly quite special month since I was born in this month. It's not that special anyways. I just born this month 23 years ago, that's very much it. Hm...getting old? True. Being an old is certainty but being mature is a choice, as what people say. I hope I can catch up the latter since it's quite hard to be fully mature in all aspects of our personality – piety, mental, behavior, financial, career, intelligence and so forth, I'll keep striving, you too guys!

Aha...I've got a question. What do you usually do when you celebrate birthday, milad or whatsoever? I'm sure everyone has different answer. Different person, different answer, for sure! I've heard a friend of mine pretty much goes to someplace which is not in the place where she was exactly born. She does this as the form of celebrating so-called birthday. Another pal of mine always tries to finish reading particular book he's interested in. Whatever it is, so long it doesn't burden us too much, I'm all for it. For me, I've got also several my own rites before breathing the air on my April 16, I can't let those out here though – putting them on the down low!

One thing for sure, a birthday is a moment to flash-back any vivid thing we did the past and plan for big things in the future. But don't forget to live and be thankful to God for our present life. They are all must be balanced and proportioned so that we won't be too stoked in a way of celebrating, and we won't be too depressed either when remembering mistakes or failures we did in the past – put things in mediocre!

Back to April and pink, yes this months is the early spring in 4-season countries such as Japan and the USA. It means there are many trees, flowers and many other plantations haughtily blossom and show their beauty – their leafs, branches, fruits etc. Few days ago I saw on BBC that people in Washington DC were so glad of having this month. They could see Sakura flower with its gorgeousness changing up a bit the atmosphere in the DC. I have never been there but I am sure it must be so great.

Taking the relationship of April, pink, sakura, birthday, mature and all things mentioned above. I'd like to say that a birthday is milestone or the best time to be really mature and grow like Sakura! Sakura shares its lovely pink color to everybody, it shares splendid fragrances to anything including animals. It never segregates in terms of giving and sharing. Let's then grow and share out anything we have, let's make changes to beautify our surroundings, let's make breakthrough within ourselves so we'll be a better person! Hope I can. Thank you for reading.

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Deadella_Iskandar said...

Yes I do agree "Different person, different answer"...
I just knew you love pink, and me? I don't like pink. It's about choice hehe..

April is treating and eating, right? piss :P