Monday, April 26, 2010

Juicy & Fresh “Nira Aren” was in March I had these shots. Last month, I had actually an intention to publish this writing on my blog but I just didn't have time to do it. Or, I might be too lazy to do it haha...(of course not)

Well, it's the picture when I went to the Dutch cave and Japanese cave in Bandung with buddies of mine at My English Club. I had a pretty long, tiring yet fascinating journey that day. We spent half day there – caving, singing, sight seeing, and of course drinking this kind of water you may see in the picture (the second).

The bamboo I'm holding the picture contained water called “nira aren” or sap obtained by tapping inflorescence of various palms used to make sugar. The water derives from the palm tree. Palm tree is kind of tree you might not be able to find in the non tropic region such as Europe and USA. This kind of tree is like a palm tree but it is not.'s hard to explain, just see the picture bellow then
The person who was selling sugar palm then was indeed so experienced in selling and collecting this fresh water. I groped around IDR 2000 for a glass of sugar palm and it was totally worth it. I had ever once tasted this water when I was kid but I didn't like at all. I thought the smell was kind of disgusting like an alcoholic drink. But when I tasted it lately, I so much like it.
This kind of water is really Indonesian and I'm proud of drinking it, I cannot do it regularly though. Besides, I have not been able to read and learn so-called article or anything about this – pros and cons about it (if there is any).
Hm...I was so quenching when I drank it. The seller also told me that he had ever joined an exhibition about the traditional drink at Sabuga ITB. Ensuring me, he showed me the piece of newspaper containing his picture. “Okay....okay...I truest you”, I said.
Readers, please consider to drink “Nira Aren” if you go to Japanese cave and Dutch cave in Bandung. I'm sure it's also available in many parts in this province. You may know more about this kind of water by visiting this webblog:
Well, happy drinking a very Indonesian sweet beverage!


Reni Shiren Aulia Nuryanti said...

Mhm... Di Cisewu juga banyak ....

i k a h said...

hehe, ikah eksis lagi di blog egi:-D