Monday, April 12, 2010

H2SR cafeteria

Hi all, the title above might not really familiar for you, right? Yes, it's the name of a cafeteria around my lodging house at Ledeng sub-district, in the city of Bandung West Java province, Indonesia. So, if you have never been to this area, no surprise of not knowing this. But please consider to visit this place sometime, you won't regret, guaranteed. I don't know what does this stand for as I have never asked the owner of this hut. I have never seen the acronym of it in its brochure or ballyhoo either. So, it's still unknown till this moment. However, I've got some things I want to share with you all about his cafeteria and hope it'll help you. Especially for those the students of UPI.

H2SR is situated right before the terminal of Ledeng. It's just around 10 meters from this bus station and it usually opens from afternoon until night (around 10 P.M). This cafeteria sells many kinds of foods and beverages which are all quite affordable for college students (you know students have to strictly manage their money). As it's located near to the campus of UPI (Indonesia University of Education), the costumers mostly are this university's students. Right besides this cafeteria is also a cafeteria called “Warung Pak Akim”. It provides cheap meals for the students and staffs of UPI campus. But, it is open only from around 7 A.M in the morning till the evening. So, even though they are quite close, they don't somehow compete to each other as the operation time is quite different, there's a bit interception though. Besides, the foods sold by the two canteens are also slight different; in “Warung Pak Akim” we can find almost all kinds of Sundanese dishes such as kangkung, soup, soto, curry, tofu, mushroom and so forth, but in H2SR we are only provided portioned meals such as fried rice, jamblang rice (Cirebonese food), juice, tea and so on.

I sometimes go to H2SR for dinner and to “Warung Pak Akim” for lunch, not really frequently though. H2SR's owners has three children, 2 daughters and one little son. How do I know? I and other customers are pretty much served by these two daughters, the eldest one is a senior high school student and a the second is a junior high. I knew this from the uniform they wore when I passed this cafe by and met them. You might agree or not with these two underage women working to help their parents work in the cafeteria. But to me, it seems just fine. They learn how to manage something and how to be good daughters from their parents. They help their parents out since the father is maybe busy doing another business and the mother maybe takes care of their little brother. So, in any cases, they just do the good thing. But, the father seems always help the daughters too when the number of customers is quite plenty.

The services provided by this cafeteria used to be quite horrible. I needed to wait for several time to get my meals served. I pretty much ordered fried rice. Once I ordered one portion of nasi jemblang and the taste was out of my league. I'm not the one who loves spicy food anyway, so I just tried it once and that's exactly the last for me hehe..... The price of regular fried rice is IDR 5000 or around US$ 0.6. You can never find this price in other cafeterias. It's the cheapest among all since normally the fried rice costs around IDR 7000 or maybe beyond. The drink I like best at this cafe is hot-mellon-tea, I don't know the exact name though. But it's kind of relaxing to drink such kind of drink in the night. It's best drank after doing several tasks on the day and it indeed soothes our nerves better than any other drinks.

Talking about service, hospitality, manner, sanitary and whatsoever, you might won't find them all at this tiny cafe. But for sure, if you wish to find smart price with quite nice taste, indeed this H2SR is is the good choice. I don't say this cafe is the best for me, but I just thank this cafe so much as it has been serving me for about 4 years. I don't know when I am leaving this town. But for sure, this cafe has a contribution in my life. Thanks to H2SR cafeteria!

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