Sunday, February 14, 2010

Only human...

One of the things that distinguishes human and angels is desire (there might be other distinguishers). Angels and human are Allah's creatures and both of them have obligation to obey Him. Angels can never betray God as they have been sort of “programmed” to be so – to obey Allah by doing all of their tasks. Angels always show their conformity to all Allah's commands, never complains. In this case human is different from Angels, God gives us human desire that determines us whether or not we are on Allah's path, whether or not we are counted as believers.

As desire or nafs is embedded in our soul, we sometimes make good or wrong deeds. Desire is not always bad. We need it to live our live as it is a bless that Allah has given to us. By having desire human can reach sublime position among others. By having passion we can attain zenith achievement that might upscale our dignity compared to others.

A thing seems to be the problem is that many of us sometimes (or most of the time) cannot manage our desire. We've got mind (thinking) to differ the good and the bad, but it cannot always work out. I mean we sometimes are out of control by easily following our wants, desires or lusts. Human are indeed very weak, unless those who can always seek refuge and helps to God. We sometimes cannot beat our biggest enemy, as our Prophet said that the biggest foe isn't anything but our desire. Those who can control the desire from wanting the entire things of this world – money, position, praises, women, lavish gadgets etc, they are indeed the champion in Allah's view.

Keeping or maintaining the nafs is not really easy job to execute, I cannot fully manage that either as I think I'm lacking of knowledge and the firmness of faith, I'll keep trying to improve though. People's weakness is that the existence of Satan around us who always tempt us. Satan can get into our vein and influence us no matter who we are, the smart person will be intruded by egg-head Satan, the pious person will also be molested by genius Satan, that's what I've heard. One thing that we have to do is to always ask for Allah's beneficence so that He will pretty much protect us from Satan with their alluring-yet-torturing temptation. We Moslems have good way to start doing anything by reciting dua or prayer – basmallah says “in the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful. Before reciting Al Quran we begin by saying taudz says “I seek refuge with Allah from the temptation of Satan the outcast”. How perfect Islam is, right?

In order to make ourselves be protected Allah, the only thing we have to do is to just Worship Allah alone. There can never any others protectors, sustainer, givers or anything we believe as Almighty one except Allah. This is called Tauhiid or the the belief of oneness of Allah. This is the very basic thing that Moslems have to keep, it's also said in the Sahadah or the confession or a Moslem (also testimony of faith). The next thing is might be about rituals such as prayer, charity, fasting, pilgrimage etc.

Readers, I am not telling or lecturing you about the value of Islam since I know nothing about it but a little. I just wrote what I have known from Islamic preacher (ustadz), books, studies etc. You'd better ask other people to explain about Islamics values if you have any questions or anything. At last, we know that we are weak, therefore we've gotta ask for Allah's help, let's keep remembering Allah. Wallahualam. Kinldy thanks.


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