Friday, January 1, 2010

It's been 1 year...

Last year, a friend of mine encouraged me to make a blog and write on it in a regular basis, her name is Dede and her blog is on my buddy list. Yes it was exactly in January 2008 I started producing some sort of writings and publishing those on this site. This blog contains no focus on something or whatsoever, it just does contain my ideas or experiences and it is also a means of mine to drill my writing skill in English. At that time I was still at college and still had access to the relatively fast internet connection at campus. Since I have graduated, now I pretty much use internet connection at my house, it is way slow though. Before she introduced me to the cyber writing, I thought that writing was not a juicy thing to do. I thought it wasn't great stuff to write and publish it; I was way off base back then. Nowadays I realize that writing is totally important to boost up my writing skill in English.

I obviously know that this blog isn't ideal yet, but at least I pretty much improve and write on it for now and then. I've tried several times changing the look of this site but the result wasn't really shocking, just mediocre. I'm still searching the best theme, contents and everything to maintain this blog anyways. Aside from that, the language I use here is might isn’t really correct if it’s referred to standard right English, I mean I sometimes use sort of slang words on it so you’d better to be picky if you plan to reuse any words or phrases from this site ^_^ . I haven't been able to be really focus on this as I am kind of procrastinating person to polish it up, may I’ll be able to make it better from this day on.

To me, writing on blog is more likely for self satisfaction, not yet for business or much further reason such as promoting, teaching, consulting something etc. I have a plan to buy domain and non-free hosting as I want to have more freedom in designing, uploading and developing site, but since the aim of mine to use blog is merely for the personal use, therefore the free provider such as Blogger or Wordpress is still preferable, I hope I can use dot com or dot org someday though.

This chance I just want to say happy birthday to blog of mine, it’s not so important to say though haha….
Well, I hope I can be more productive in writing on this site, and I also hope that everyone can take lesson or benefit from it. Let’s keep writing, let’s keep improving ourselves!!!

Thank you and Wassalamualaikum.

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Deadella_Iskandar said...

Then you have 9 followers now!

Good writer :)