Monday, December 28, 2009

Simple yet admirable man near me!

He is neither a president nor a movie star, he is a simple and ordinary man like us - like you, me and all. He is just a man who more or less my contemporary, yes he was born on December 12, 1987 in someplace that I surely don't know. His name is Suhud, his complete name is Ustadz Suhud Al-Hafidz. He is one of Imams at Daarut Tauhiid mosque Bandung. Even though he is still around 23 years old, he can memorize all verses and surah in the Quran. That is why his name added with Al-Hafidz in the end of it. Hafidz refers to his ability in memorizing or remembering the entire surah of Al Quran. That thing totally wows me as I obviously know that he is at my age – we both 23. I pretty much compare myself to him and the answer is always the same, incomparable!

Ustadz Suhud has been able to memorize Al Quran since he was 12 years old. 12 years old ladies and gentlemen, if you ask me what did I do then, I'm ashamed to admit that I just played and played in that age, what about you? Hopefully better than me. Memorizing all verses or contents in the Quran isn't easy, only small percentage of people on this planet can do that. Al Quran consists of 114 surah and around 6.600 verses. It seems definitely impossible for me to know all of those, I'll keep trying and praying though. May my next generation can do that, amiin.

I have known Ustadz Suhud since approximately a year ago. I knew him as for many days in a row he became the Imam (leader prayer) at Daarut Tuahiid mosque. He recites all verses so clearly and firmly that everyone will easily recognize his voice. It is on December 26 at around 6.00 p.m. I coincidentally passed him by when I was about to go to the mosque, so was him. Both of us met in front of Mandiri ATM around Super Mini Market Daarut Tauhiid and I encouraged myself to accost him. Here's the hasty talk between me and ustadz Suhud:

me : Assalamualaikum Ustadz, has magrib prayer been commenced?
Ustadz Suhud : Waalaikum salam, h...I don't think so, it hasn't acually.
me : oh ok, well, ustadz I've bought the muratal CD of yours, I very much like that. It's so nice.
Ustadz Suhud : Alhamdulullah..., may through that CD Allah will grant us his mercy to all of us.
me : Amiin, thank you ustadz.

And we then separately went in to the mosque to perform magrib prayer.
I then realized that why ustadz Suhud said the prayer hadn't started yet as he would definitely become the imam. Yes, he did lead us all then. You know, the prayer won't start before Imam arrives at the mosque, or precisely the Imam won't come late as he will be the leader for us.

I was firstly impressed by his recitation of Al Quran when I heard his voice during isya prayer. I then decided to buy his VCD as apparently there was a record company offered ustadz Suhud to make CD of 30th juz of the Quran. I bought the CD from SMM Daaru Tauhiid for IDR 20,000, or in US dollar it's just about 2,3 bucks. It is way too cheap readers, just buy it and please don't copy from friends of yours or whosoever. You might used pirate Windows, ms Office or MP3 songs. But for this one please buy the original one, don't copy. Buying the original one means you help Ustadz Suhud, help Islam, help the record company and it's exactly a noble thing to do. You may either buy it at the store (such as SMM Daarut Tauhiid) or buy it on-line. Here's the link where you can buy the CD on-line: or

I do confess that Imam Suhud isn't as popular as Imam of Al Harram or Nabawi mosque. But he indeed can memorize 30 juz of Al Quran and he lives around me. That is why I think he is a great man - a humble and great man who has such awesome achievement that I can hardly attain, memorizing 30 juz Al Quran. I'm hoping I can chase him up someday, it's nearly impossible though. Even so however, let's keep practicing, praying and asking Allah may He grant us much more knowledge and willingness to memorize Al Quran, insya Allah He will make it up for us, amiin ,amiin, amiin.
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