Monday, December 21, 2009

Put your mask down!

A thing that always haunts me when I hear Aa Gym's speech lately is that the importance of being a simple and honest person, it means not to be a liar either to ourselves or to everyone. Yes it does look easy and trivial to be told, yet, it's extremely hard to be implemented. It's really human to want to be someone whom always being paid attention by others – center of attention I would say. Therefore many of us do sort of things to just tell others that we are precious and deserved enough to be respected or praised. I think I am kind of person of what Aa says as hypocrite since I pretty much lie myself and other people too. I do confess it as I think yes definitely I am, I am still trying to diminish that though, insya Allah may Allah show me and you the right path and guide us all in this short and fade life.

Well, we exactly feel happy if we look good and can impress many people. It is therefore we always make ourselves up before other people to look like we are perfect and excellent creature. We do all things to let everyone know about our intelligence, appearance, wealth, position, relations and others. Using expensive gadgets, finest cloth, exclusive watches are the examples of what is so-called pretender, hypocrite or liar for most of us. If we still can use our old phone, why then should we buy new iPhone or Blackberry by installment, using credit card or such? Do we really need this stuff to connect with others? Or it's mere our emotion says so and we just feel so great when we are using that, if it is so, it means we are the victim of technology and smart marketers who indeed really genius in making us to feel proud of consuming their products, I know it as I learned marketing at college :). We also sometimes borrow our friend's watch, cloth or car when we are going to visit wedding just to impress people that we are affluent and able to buy those. Again, we lie ourselves and others by doing so, in fact, we can just go somewhere else by just driving public transportation car and we shouldn't have to use luxurious stuff belongs to others in this case. That's lying ladies and gentlemen!

What I mean by not to be liar here is that we have got to be what we are now, not more or less. We have everything to be equaled with others, therefore there is no reason for us to feel that we are inferior. We've got no reason either to feel that we deserve to get praise or something as basically all things we have are belonged to God and they are all just being entrusted by Allah for temporary. When we look this way, we will realize that we should not have to go boasting by having all those things, yet keep in mind that we should not have to feel inferior either by giving gratitude to God and using our properties wisely.

I know it is so hard to be “straight-forward person”, it means to be a person who doesn't lie herself or himself and others. But when we are successful in being this type of person, we will feel better in this life. This life is just for a moment and we will have eternal life in the hereafter. Therefore we'd better to just live our live in simple way but be gratitude to God for granting this beautiful life. Being simple person doesn't mean that we can't use our money to buy expensive things or spent our time. As Moslem we have to remember that all things should be taken into account in front of Allah someday, every single thing we had in this world. Being simple means we can't be extravagant or wasteful person as we have all things. We should realize that in everything we have, there's portion for those who don't have, those who are poor also have right to get and feel our happiness, wealth and so on.
Come on, our lives are not like Halloween day that always wear mask, put it down now and live our live unpretentiously. It's time to be simple, humble, and plain person, insya Allah I'm struggling this too.
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