Tuesday, December 22, 2009

母の日 (mother's day)

Mother's Day! I don't really know what to do to commemorate it. What I know from friends of mine and my searching on internet is that on December 22 many Indonesians greet their mom and treat her extraordinarily, wow, so nice to do, right? I am sure that every country on earth also has this commemoration because everyone will agree that mom is such an exceptional creature that God has created for all of us.

Treating mom specially on a particular day is a very good thing to do, yet, it'll be better to take care of her equally special every day. It's actually our must as her children to always treat and respect mom whenever it is, it means we should not just treat her well on this mom's day, am I correct?
By this piece of writing I don't mean to teach or tutor anyone about the importance of loving mom since I am not a good son for my mom yet. I am still trying to be more sensitive and caring her much more as I used to be like a winter's day which always turned a cold shoulder to her. I want to make it up though, I promise.

A unique treatment for mom on Mother's day that I've ever heard is that to wash her feet. Yes there is a TV station in Indonesia which pretty much holds this event. This event opens to everyone and I think it's noble thing to do, I like this program so much. It'll at least remind us about how great our mom's merit to all of us is. On this day, many children come to the event and wash the feet of her/his mom before many people and other children who do the same.

What I did to thank mom or commemorate this day is that just sending mom a text, yeah very simple. I just said “Mom, happy mother's day. Thank you” that's it. I didn't thank her a bit bigger or even call her, just an SMS ladies and gentlemen, ah definitely not a good son. Even so however, I sure my mom still love me, I am sure she even didn't expect anything from me. I know my mom's merit is pure, hope for nothing but Allah's rewards. That is what our mom hopes to all of us too guys. Hence, let's love our mom more. Tons of gratitude should be said and remarked to Allah as He gave us a super mom to always care all of us. Happy mother's day, I love you mom!
Thank you :)

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Deadella_Iskandar said...

so call your mom on the next mother's day. Say Happy Mother's Day directly; not through sms.

Happy Trying, Good Son ^^