Sunday, December 17, 2017

Business Fair 2017

All freshmen at Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Padjadjaran must take the “Introduction to Business” course. This course is taught by the lecturers from my department, i.e. the department of management and business, known as DEMABIS. This course is aimed at introducing the world of business to those new students who might come from different backgrounds. Some of them graduated from natural science class and vocational high school. So, this course is highly important to be studied by the students majoring management, economics, accounting and Islamic economics. This course is given in the first semester and currently about to end. Next week is the final exam and it’s been our tradition to hold a business fair at almost the very end week of the first semester. This business fair was held at LEAD Building area, Jatinangor Campus on Thursday, December 14, 2017.
As one of the lecturers, I was involved in preparing for the event, though the most of the works were done by my students. In this event, they learned a lot about holding an event. Besides, they learned how to sell and market the products because they collectively spent their own money as the capital. If they do not make any profit, they surely lose their cash. But, each of them surely has a share of the profit that would be attained. The students in my class sold three items, i.e. snow white ice, mango sticky rice and sausage. They have brand for each of these products, as shown in the picture bellow:

This business fair is the event hold by the new students at our faculty so there are some obstacles that they faced. Nonetheless, they could successfully make it. Students from other faculties gathered, buying products and watching some stage and offstage performances. There were several booths competing to be the best. Thankfully, the students from my class got all the awards, i.e. the Best Marketing and the Best Booth Decoration. These achievements are surely the rewards for every effort that they made.

Above all, this business fair is supposed to be the mini laboratory for them in running the real business. The theories studied in the class were practiced in the event. I hope that the business does not stop as the class ends. Indeed, the experience in promoting, selling, and then making a profit are all precious for them in the years to come. Although not all students would be entrepreneurs, I hope that all students will have at least the spirit of entrepreneurship so they can always create value by creating something new and different benefiting themselves and others.  

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