Thursday, July 13, 2017

Problem in Writing

Writing has always been a huge challenge for me and probably for most of us. We tend to love speaking more than writing. In fact, the saying can easily be forgotten while the writing shall always be remembered by other people. Thus, should we have something good or valuable, it is better for us to write it down so there are more people who can ‘enjoy’ the writing. As the result or message of a writing is important for us and for other people, I believe that we should make effort to produce writing, either academic or nonacademic writing. Nonetheless, we often face several problems hampering us from producing any writing. There are at least three main things that may impede us from writing. 

Firstly, we do not read thus we don’t have anything to write. Being lazy in reading makes our brain dull. Reading is among the very first things that must be loved. What if we hate reading? We can start from reading something that we like; reading comic books or magazine? Aside from increasing our knowledge, reading will broaden our perspective and let us know what people think and how they express their opinion or idea. If we read a lot, there is more probability for us to write as what other people did. Besides reading, you may also write something that you have experienced or attended. For practicing, I sometimes wrote sort of excerpt or summary of a seminar or workshop. 

Secondly, we don’t know how to write. The absence of knowledge and skill in writing is surely the big challenge. It happens not just to common people but also to the college students and graduates who are actually the people dubbed as scholars. A professor from a reputable university in Bandung wrote in his book that the subject of Bahasa Indonesia at college is better to be replaced by “writing subject”. He argued that we have been learning Bahasa Indonesia since we were at early ages at primary school but we cannot write correctly in a writing. Following that professor, I agree that the subject of writing (in Bahasa Indonesia) should be present at college especially at undergraduate and diploma level. As the number of credit is usually limited, it may replace Bahasa Indonesia subject.   

Thirdly, there is no external motivation such as people supporting us to produce writing. It is a good move if we now start joining a writing community. To produce a writing, maybe we should be forced at the beginning. Later, we will get used to it. One of the communities that I know is FLP (Forum Lingkar Pena) available in almost all big cities in Indonesia. Being in a community, we will be inspired, motivated and forced to write. So, you may start look for writing community around you. 

Happy writing, again!

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