Friday, January 27, 2017


Last year I attended a seminar about “Writing the Article for International Journal”. Something that was very interesting for me was about Mendeley software. It was very new for me then. Thanks so much to Mr. Ade from UPI Bandung who has introduced me to Mendeley. What was Mendeley anyway? It is a software which allows us to manage reference when we write an article, especially academic writing as it requires us to put a proper bibliography. Mendeley helps me a lot, indeed. It does a great thing for three of the following reasons.
First, what I need to focus on now is the content of my writing. I don’t have to worry about the reference writing which I pretty much did in the past. I can now make sure that a proper reference has been put and every single source is cited well. In this reason, I could so far produce two articles by using Mendeley as the reference manager.
Second, Mendeley lets me manage the articles in its “window”. I can access the articles I want to read or cite easily. Everything is just there. When I double click the article, Mendeley allows me to read and comment in that PDF file. It is awesome. Commenting is easy, I can write the translation there.
Third, Mendeley is totally free. I know another software such as Endnote, but I have to pay for it if I want to use it. Indeed, Mendeley is worry-free reference manager allowing me to save my time and money as well.
Unfortunately, not all my colleagues have been familiar with it. I started to introduce Mendeley to my colleagues and friends. This writing is also intended to introduce Mendeley to anyone getting on this blog. I am also now a Mendeley advisor. I registered to be it several days ago. I haven’t made a significant contribution in disseminating this piece of software, though.
 I have a strong faith that every student and lecturer has to know Mendeley. We all need to be familiar with it. It’s part of my homework to do so. I hope everyone can also take part in socializing this software to Indonesian public so that there will be more writings or articles produced here.

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