Saturday, July 10, 2010

The fastest yet not the best!

Google, who doesn't know it? I'm very much sure everybody knows this very short yet so prevalent word, at least for those who are net users, I'm one of them. Yes, google has always been on everybody's mind in terms of search engine on the cyber world. We almost can find anything by using this website created by the company named Google incorporation. What I'm going to talk here isn't this web search engine nor the company. Instead, I'd like to highlight the web browser created by google, it's called Chrome, or Google chrome. You may see the screen-shot bellow. It's merely all about my sort of impression and uneducated techno valuation on Chrome anyways.

To be honest, I'm not really keen on using this web browser as I have been stuck with the burnt fox since long long time. It's been in ages I use this latter and the best web browser ever, I think so. Once I tried using the google chrome, but it never lasted for quite sometime. I uninstalled it. Why? It is because, I think we need only one yet the most reliable web browser (except IE as I'm not able to uninstall it). We don't want to compare and spend much time to find the best. I mean, I experienced this kind of situation when I installed almost all well-known browsers on my Acer laptop, and you need not to do the same – saving your time. I have ever used Safari, Mozilla, Chrome and of course IE. But, now I realize, I just need to pick one, the best, and the choice goes to MF. Trust me, this MF is the best.. (no promotion, just personal judgment based on real experience and experiment).

Well, I don't want to say bad about google's product. I still love it anyways. My impression when I used this, it's so radically simple and so speedy in opening or rendering pages. I have never before found or used web browser with this amazing simplicity. I don't know the so called java script or whatsoever, but from I what I heard, Google uses a sophisticated kind of java script to create this very fast browser. It is the well-advance technology that creates this (in which I do not really know much). Feel free to correct me or tell me if I'm wrong.
But to me, a browser isn't merely about the speed, though speed is very important. Why did I say so? There are indeed other aspects we need to put into account when comparing the web browsers. This is security and adds on. Al least these two things that MZ has with it. Mozilla Firefox has anything that secures our internet experience. Besides, adds on let me use any customizable thing that makes me easier in exploring the net. I just use several adds on, not many. Orbit download manager is on of them. I frequently use it to download videos from youtube or anywhere. MZ also has ever warned me not to open particular websites which are categorized dangerous. I thank it then. Data stealing in internet is thriving so that we need to be very careful in opening any website, more over filling the data of ours at that sites.
It seems to me we have different needs so that we choose different browser. For a person like me, MZ is probably the best for the time being. But for you, Safari or Chrome or Opera can be the number one. Whatever your choice is, we just need to be fully understanding the browser we use. I mean please do search some information about the web browser we are using so that we will know that it suits our needs. If ya don't want to, just trust me. Use Mozilla Firefox then :)
Thank you.

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