Friday, January 22, 2010

A bottle of water

A thing seems small, tiny and minuscule yet gives us huge impact is about to reveal. Yes, I am going to share with you a very simple thing that I have recently re-applied in my life. I am sure this is will help you out to improve your life although I obviously know that I am not that erudite to advise or give you tips on improving life. Anyways, it is to bring a water bottle wherever you go for your drinking!
Well, it was when I experienced 2-month intensive English Program at University of Arizona I first started doing this habit. Back then was in the late summer and since I wished to survive, I pretty much brought water in bottle with me wherever I went. Arizona is a desert and it's kind of killing you yourself to go somewhere without a bottle of water in your bag. Another experience is when I met some Japanese people at my campus (UPI), they were teachers of medical program who taught labors-to-be to be worked in Japan. I saw them also carried a bottle of water attached on their bag. From those two experiences, I re-start thinking why don't I re-apply that in my daily life now. I left this habit when I came back from USA as I thought it was not necessary to bring water in a bottle in Bandung - I could easily get it whenever I wanted. Well, I was wrong by thinking so, I realized that what I did approximately a year ago is an exceptionally great idea to improve my life, at least in some particular cases.

What I mean here by water in bottle isn't bottled-mineral-water you can buy at store or somewhere with particular brand, it is water in your own bottle and you don't throw the bottle when there is no more water in it – instead, you fill that up, clear? I guess so. Historically speaking, before mineral water existed, human drank water they previously boiled at their house and it didn't matter them for sure. They didn't buy water from companies or water vendors as such these companies had not existed. Now everything has changed and water business is so lucrative that everyone wants to get involved in it. It gives huge profits to those who own water processing company as they successfully take chance from the shifting of of our lifestyle into might be so-called instant oriented.

Bringing water in a bottle wherever you go can indeed benefit you. In view point of mine, it advantageously gives us some positive things in our lives. Here they are:
1.Saving money. Yes it indeed lessens your spending as you don't need to buy water if you wish to drink plain water outside. The price of bottled-water (mineral water) might be cheap but if you always buy an buy again, you spent a lot then. Please re-think to no more buy mineral water from store or street-seller as it will cost you – bring your own water!
2.Simpler. I think it's sort of causing a fuse to somebody whom you asked for water if you do it again and again. I mean, we won't have someone given us a glass of water when we visit his or her house if we have our own water. It often happened to me and I thought it would be a good idea not to make my host serves me just for quenching my thirstiness. Besides, you will know for sure the hygiene of water you drink if you yourself prepared that beforehand, you do not know if your host whether or not gives you purified and hygienic water.
3.Greener. It's a huge issue that today's people want everything environmentally friendly. Imagine if you always drink bottled-water you buy from store, you'll just produce tons tons of wastes which are definitely hard to be recycled. Plastic waste needs 100 years to be decomposed by soil. By bringing and re-filling your own bottle, without any doubt you save the earth from garbages. Isn't it good idea?

The thing that might matter you is probably about practicability. One of my friends told me that it is rather heavy to bring a bottle of water in her bag. Well, it might be right but please re-consider the benefits I have mentioned above. I think it doesn't give us huge burden to bring 500-600 ml water in our bag. Something that troubles us is when we spend money for buying mineral water, and meantime we also harm our earth by producing trashes. In short, carrying water in our bottle is much better than buying mineral-water. Please bring water wherever you go, I'll always do it insya Allah. If we can't do big thing to save this earth, at least we can do this ridiculously small and easy to do thing. Implement this and tell your friends if you find this tip useful. Thank you.

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Pay a deep attention to the number below the bottle if you want to buy plastic bottle!

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