Wednesday, October 14, 2009

La Salsa 2008


Oh my God, that time was the very first time in my life went to the very fabulous Mexican restaurant, the name is La Salsa. I and some friends of mine had dinner there, though most of the the tastes were little bit unfamiliar, I liked the dishes very much. La Salsa restaurant is located at Boulevard avenue near University of Arizona campus.
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Here I was eating sort of nice pieces of food but I did not know the name. I ordered this item as it had rice mixed with other ingredients.

The menu listed in the picture (behind) could be seen right when we got into the restaurant. I paid around 8 bucks for wonderful food and coke. I've got a huge eagerness to come back there again someday.


Dee Andespa said...

Tacos are really spicy.... Grande is little bit unfamiliar in my tongue.... You know, Oom Ray and Arin don't enjoy it so much hahahahha....... and me? I love Tortilla Beef and

Reni Shiren Aulia Nuryanti said...

Izin pake bahasa Indonesia!! kalo boleh request' diceritain donk, kok bisa ke Amrik?? bagi2 resepnya,,,,
Sy Orng Cisewu asli' di klmntn cMn numpang lahir.. kalo tidak salah Kang Egi itu yg suka ngisi acara PMR kan.