Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cijanggel, my second time there!


This is so nice shot I've got in my hard drive that I want to share you guys. On September 27, 2009 I and some friends of mine went to Cijanggel in accordance to do survey for our English Club's outing, so this first trip is kind of preparation for our really outing a week later.

This place name is quite puzzling me sometimes, it is either Cijangel or Cijanggel. Well, whatsoever, the place is my cup of tea anyways. Cijanggel is probably taken from Sundanese name but unfortunately I’ve got no idea what it is exactly. Or, it is probably sort of a fusion name between Sundanese and English; “Ci” in Sundanse means water and it is usually put as prefix, while Janggel is derived from English name which means forest. Jungle is spoken “Janggel” in Sundanese and Indonesian, make sense right? Kidding :).

Cijanggel (or Cijangel) is located about 10 Km from my lodging house and it can be reached for about 40 minutes by car. I live at Setiabudhi street behind Ledeng station (pretty odd to call it station though) and in this trip I with my friends took angkot (public transporter) that we’ve had booked before. Each of us spent 11.000 rupiahs (US 1.2$) for commuting, way to cheap if it’s compared to the fare in US or Europe.

When we I arrived there, the weather was quite mild and luckily I brought jacket with me, my friends did too. Despite its chilly weather, Cijanggel has pretty stunning scenery either day or night. We only stayed there till noon but the weather remained so nice.

After doing meeting for arranging the outing agendas, we snapped some pictures as we didn’t want to miss this natural beauty. It’s a most for us to record every single occasion wherever we go. One thing for sure, our hard drive is getting stock up with tons of photos.
We arranged the meeting at Villa which belongs to a well-known Islamic figure in Indonesia Aa Gym (Abdullah Gymnasiar) and near the villa there’s mosque where we did also shot some pictures inside. The mountain you see here is Burangrang Mountain. Burangrang is believed as the mother of Tangkubar Perahu Mountain as it is placed closely to it. If you know the legend or Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi, you must have known the story about that. I’ll tell you later if you haven’t known it.

Enjoying the exquisiteness of nature doesn’t always mean costly and far. We, Indonesians have bunch of extremely beautiful places we can go to; every province has a lot for sure. This place I mentioned here is just one of the attractive places in Bandung (West Java) and you may visit other sites such as Pangalengan, Ciwidey, Tangkuban Perahu etc. Really, let’s keep loving Indonesia!
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