Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eid Al Fitr in my town

Today (September 20, 2009) is Eid Al Fitr day and we Moslems in Indonesia are celebrating the feast of fast - breaking. Eid Al Fitr marks the end of Ramadan fasting. Fasting in Ramadan is conducted by every Moslem during this holy month according to the Islamic rule for 29 or 30 days depending on the moon’s emergence (hilal). Islamic calendar and astronomy take part in determining this precise time. On Eid Al Fitr day, Moslems in the USA and Europe usually say “Eid Mubarak” but here in Indonesia we prefer to say “Minal Aidin walfaidzin”, even so however, the meaning is pretty same which actually ask and give forgiveness to each other.

This Eid Al Fitr is really special for me since I did it at the soccer field in my village. Yeah, at 6.00 a.m on Sunday I went there with some of my family members by foot. Driving car or motorbike is not needed as the place is near to our house. For the very first time ever here in Cisewu, I did Shalat Eid Al Fitr at a wide open area (a soccer field). I also did it at park when I was in Tucson last year, but this year in Cisewu I and all Moslems conducted this big event at soccer field - not in a mosque. This is of course for several reasons; first, two weeks ago we experienced alarming earth quake therefore DKM (the committee of Mosque) announced that Lemah Luhur soccer field is a lot better and saver for us to gather. Secondly, by herding at the soccer field we can gather in the bigger quantity and this is better than in separated mosque, we used to do it at our very near mosque so the jamaah (people) was spotted in the divided places. In the other words, we’ll be more united by gathering that way and I frankly liked this idea, many thanks to the DKM of Al-Hasanah Cisewu. The atmosphere at the soccer field was totally different from somewhere else since we could feel fresh air, beautiful scenery of Gedogan mount and a more euphoric situation.

The speech person then was Pak Masrudin – a well-known figure in my Village. He delivered the speech hilariously and interestingly. Yeah, he tried to bring us the audiences into a very different state after having fasting and earth quake. He spoke in a stylish way with “Murwakanti way” I don’t know what murwakanti is in English, yet, it’s sort of literature stuff such as in making the poet with all “a” or “i” or anything at the end of row of its stanza. Do you know it in English? Share me then.

From the speech I could get the point that we were really urged to unite and help one another as we’ve had calamity recently. We need to work together in building our wretched big Mosque and help to each other in repairing the damaged houses. The Eid Al Fitr is the right time to tighten up our tie as well as to give more to the less lucky people. He also insisted on the affluent people to donate more dough for building the mosque and helping others as they are granted much more money by Allah. It’s also said that the government should be more concerned in developing the sub district after it’s been stricken by the earth quake.

The Imam was Pak Salim, he is the most recognized Islamic figure as he is pretty aged. As always, he chanted the Quran versed perfectly and sharply. After performing the prayer and hearing the speech, we shook hand to each other and then went home by choosing different way. It’s highly recommended to walk on the different path as we’ll meet more people, it means we’ll forgive and ask for forgiveness with more people and this is valued much better according to our belief – our prophet said so in a hadith exactly.

Having done those things, at my grand ma’s house we did sungkeman. This is the tradition in which the younger people (all the offspring of my grand ma) sit before my grand ma to ask for prayer and forgiveness, all were coming then. After that, we ate Ketupat (rice wrapped by coconut leaf) with Opor (chicken curry) and of course the cracker was finely served as it gave more appetite in eating.

By and large, the Eid I had then was totally impressive and remarkable. I liked the atmosphere, the speech person as well as its speech, the food and I liked everything then. Eid in Cisewu is comparable to the Eid I had in Tucson last year, both are out of the ordinary. Minal aidin walfaidzin ^_^.


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