Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blessing in Disguise

In the name of Allah, the most gracious the most merciful.
I'm not the one who knows a lot about tenet of my religion, but I'm not the one who knows nothing either about it, I'm not an egg-head or an airhead, so what am I? I'm just an ordinary one who knows a little about anything, I know less about more, I'm a "fox" obviously, that's more apt for me to be called anyways.
Readers, here I'd like to share with you guys about Blessing in disguise. We may find the miracle in our life right after we encounter such a difficult circumstance. Yeah, how could it be? Well, I've experienced many unpredicted moments that dealt with it.

Okay here's one example:
This day (May 28) was a quite frustrating for me. Today was the dateline for my paper and I should have handed it to my lecturer before noon. What mattered me was that, I had not finished doing that, moreover last night I could only stay up to 11 pm, it is my habit that I can barely keep my eyes open until midnight, I should have gone to bed after 10 pm.

So right after performing Fajr prayer (about 4.34 a.m.), I did my paper until about 10 am. I did my best to finish that and it was finally done luckily, "well, it's time to print it out" I said. What a bad happening, one of my friends asked me to fix his computer and he was headed off my dorm then, well, I couldn't do anything but accept his appeal. "Ok" I said. While waiting him arrive at my place, I started printing my paper one by one. After having some pages printed, the next pages went into a trouble, the black dots appeared on some pages, tugged me then, "why are there many unwanted things happened to mo today?" hm...I tried to take a breath and think. Yeah, think and think why does God grant bunch of hurdles to me today. Well, I then finally realized that what had happened to me just know was in "God's hand", I mean God had already stated those sort of things on my book of destiny.

After handing over my paper to the lecture of mine, I unintentionally met my aunt on my way home. Waah, that was such a good coincident since I've never met her for quite a while. "Thanks God" I said. We then had a brief talk on the way, she and I talked in Sundanese since she's a good Sundanese teacher. I admire her for her skill for Sundanese, moreover for her ability in English, she's good in English as well. When we were about to split, she shed me a piece of paper, what was that? Yeah it was money, she gave me IDR 50.000. Wahh.....I thanked God for that, you know that amount of money is totally worth it for me, a college student, for you as well right? ha...

So that's it my story for today, I hope I can always share my exceptional experiences with you all, thank so much!

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Deadella_Iskandar said...

It was pathetic at the first and happy at the end. Touching story ^^

Keep writing bro!!