Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My juniors, way to go!

Few days ago on June 6, 2009 precisely, I attended seminar namely “Seminar Ekonomi Syariah”. It was carried out by SCIEmics UPI. SCIEmics is one of my ex-organizations at campus. I was pretty delighted to join the seminar since one member of its committees invited me and my friend cordially through text messaging, she asked us to participate at their event. Moreover, both me and my friend shouldn’t have to pay for the ticket at all, it was completely free (just for senior, ha…lol).
Okay first of all, I’m gonna tell you what SCIEmics exactly is. SCIEmics stands for Study Community of Islamic Economics, do you think this is an abbreviation? Hm…whatever you may say. Anyway, this organization is established to improve the students (especially those who major Economics) with the Islamic economics knowledge which is really urgent for us Moslems to learn.
SCIEmis was firstly just kind of division of FSM (Forum Silaturrahim Muslim) which concerned about Sharia economics comprised of Islamic Banking, BMT, Insurance sharia and other studies. I initiated the name of SCIEmics itself, it used to be called “Divisi ekonomi Syariah”, but one day in the very last minute of students plenary, I suggested altering that name with the new, fresh, marketable, and more educated one, yeah SCIEmics was chosen then. The members finally approved it without any considerable objection.

Well, jump into the very earlier topic, yeah the seminar above was initially aimed for economics teachers at senior high school, but, there were also students from some universities in Bandung such as Ekuitas, UIN, Unpad and of course UPI. We had one day workshop with some speakers who fully grasp Islamic Economics; they were Pak Agustianto from IAEI and Pak “forget the name” from Tasikmalaya. According to the speakers, we should nurture our upcoming generation with understandings of integrated sharia, one of them is Islamic Economics. Economy is one of fundamental and important fields in our life so we should recognize which economy is good or bad. What we’re having right now in this country is probably more capitalistic instead of Islamic, you can see it from the banking system, insurance, lease or else in here, riba and interest are still thriving. These acts are often unfair to customer.

From the seminar, it is very true that we should at least implement sharia by doing very simple thing in life, for instance by saving, crediting, paying bill etc at Sharia bank. Students at college can also disseminate and learn sharia Economics by making community like SCEIemics or anything.
I am sure that all participants of that seminar must have gotten something to share and to talk to the people around them; hopefully it can be applied in their life as well. Thanks to my Junior at SCIEmics, I am absolutely proud of you guys, you made a huge step forward. Keep Learning and making good deeds!


Deadella_Iskandar said...

Well, your task now is find the name of a man who come from Tasik ^^

dewi hardianti pratiwi said...

kak, saya junior kakak di SCIEmics angkatan 2009. keren2 kak. bangga bisa jadi anak SCIEmics :)