Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Okay, this time I'm gonna talk about the tips on how to succeed at the university. Actually, these are not the tips I do to be successful student at college since obviously, I don't deserve to be called so, at least not yet ^_^.
Well, I think these tips are really important for students at college in order to get good result, either grade or others, especially for them who are freshmen or sophomore. I got these tips from the dairy planner book of University of Arizona when I was staying there, these are really useful.
The first is Time Management; we all know that there are 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 168 hours per week. Then the point is that, we should be able to decide on how each of those will be spent, in other words; we should be more concerned and be a bit picky in doing something. If something doesn’t need to be done, we should not do that. But if something is really important, then we must do that seriously.

The second is, go to class stay awake and take notes (record the speech if you need). In class, we should be actively involved in any discussion or sharing; it will enhance our knowledge as well as improve our confidence.

The third is, participate in any communities. There are many organizations or communities we can involve with, just pick one or some. Getting involved in organizations will make us become more adept people, it means our emotional intelligent will be improved as well. Just do it, I am sure it'll work and will be beneficial for you.

Next is stay healthy. Get sleep, eat healthy food and take exercise (doing sport). All of these will contribute to ourselves since we’ll gain more power and energy to do our assignments. If we do that regularly and proportionally, we’ll be more alert in doing all the school activities. Do jogging at least once a week.

The fifth is, do homework right when the lecturer gives it to us. We mustn’t procrastinate it since there will be other tasks afterward. The faster we do it, the better it will be.

And the sixth ask and meet our adviser or academic teacher to help us find the right way in learning, even if we’ve got some troubles in anything, just try to consult those to them. They will help you out.

Ultimately the 7th, this is the most important, pray to God, just ask for help and aid to Him. Fundamentally, anything what we do must be based on His rules, we Moslems of course must take Quran as our first guidance. Let's make as many good deeds as we can.
That's all, I am sure we'll be successful someday, insha Allah. Keep learning, thank you.

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