Sunday, December 9, 2018

Thank you, Linux developers!

I am impressed by those who are willing to sacrifice their time, energy, dedication, money and other things to create something beneficial for human being. There are many people on earth doing that, among them are the people who created, developed and maintained Linux operating system and its software.

I am typing this writing using the 10-year old Sony VAIO that my wife bought in 2008. Back then, it was preinstalled with Windows Vista but it ran sluggishly so she decided to upgrade the laptop with Windows 7. She got the original copy of that Microsoft software from her campus using MSDN mechanism. When we first got married, I used that laptop as mine was broken and finally sold. However, the Windows 7 was once crashed so I installed it with Ubuntu. Currently, this laptop is running Xubuntu 18.10 version and is installed awesome software such as LibreOffice, WPS office, Mozilla Firefox, and many more. I am glad with it, indeed.

Currently. this laptop is basically used for watching purpose for my first son. But sometimes, it is used by wife for translating purpose. Going back to the early statement above, I am just grateful of being able to use Linux in my life. I started using Linux in 2007 and I am still using it until now. 

Creating a stable and free operating system is not an easy work. The community creating Linux and its software is awesome. In Islam, that is counted as a sadaqah jariah or the good deeds with the rewards that will last forever. Thus, I am jealous to those people as they had created something beneficial for human being. Well done and many thanks, Linux developers!!!

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