Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kolak of Love

The picture above is the food called “kolak” made from some ingredients which are all abundantly available in Indonesia. To make this food we need to prepare some of the following:
- Banana (the ripe one)
- Palm sugar
- salt
- water
- coconut milk

This post is specially dedicated to my wife who has made kolak for me. She's been somewhat an expert as the taste of kolak she made gets better day by day.
To me, it is little bit hard to actually describe the procedure of making kolak. Well, here are the steps to make it on your own:
- boil the water inside a pan
- put the palm sugar onto boiled water
- put the sliced banana whenever the water heated already
- put some salt and mix them

You can stop mixing when the texture of banana has been softer and palm sugar has spread. Having done it, put the kolak on a cup and serve it while hot. Don't forget to pour the coconut milk onto the ready colak to make it much tastier. I am sure it is a perfect companion in rain or you can serve it during winter (if you live in Europe, North America or else). The kolak that I show above is super special one as it is made with love. My wife called it “Kolak of Love”. Many thanks to my lovely wife :)

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