Thursday, December 5, 2013


Almost all of high school students here in Indonesia must learn Economics. They start learning it since the first year of the school and it might end when they have finished this first year. At the second year of the study, Economics becomes the optional subject – meaning that those who wish still can take it and those who don't can just overlook this subject, yet they have to take another subject such as sociology and and geography.

My two-year-experience of teaching Economics has been somewhat challenging to me since the major of mine at college was not Economics. It has relationship with it though.

The importance of learning Economics is the thing called “priority”. One of my instructors at university once said that Economics is all about making priority in life. When we cannot make priority, it means that we are not good in Economics. And for sure we cannot be called Economists.

The benefits of this subject or science is to enable as make a priority in life. Of course, the context of economics is mostly in the level of nation or province or region. In fact, we can also apply it in the context of ourselves. For example, if cannot really manage our want (desiring to always have a new gadget), we have a bad score of our Economics application. So, it is embarrassing if Economics students are not able to control their wants as it shows that they have leak point in making priority. The keys is, be smart in following the want of ours, be smart in making priority. We should start being able to do something important first, and postpone the less important one. Happy Thursday!

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