Thursday, September 5, 2013

Knowledge in Islam

Seeking for knowledge is indeed a compulsory for Muslims. This is what my Prophet taught me. We are highly encouraged to get as much as beneficial knowledge for the sake of living our lives well. Knowledge or science in Islam is not something separated from religion. In the past, we knew that a group of people got victory or advancement because they left their religion, meaning that they did not follow the teaching of their religion since it was false or somewhat contradictory with science. But we Muslims will never get any improvement in terms of science whenever we leave Islam since in the book of Islam, i.e. Al Quran, it contains countless number of sciences we can surely believe or prove that they are along with the inventions. Attaining beneficial knowledge is one of the three good deeds that will finally benefit us when we have passed away. Those three things are amal jariyyah (charity), devoted and pious offspring and the last is beneficial knowledge. Thus we could know that indeed Islam emphasizes the importance of seeking for knowledge and its application or benefit for society. In another hadith, more or less says “Seek for knowledge since you are an infant till your are about to be buried”. The next thing we need to put in mind is that, the knowledge that we pursue in Islam must be knowledge that is useful or not crossing the Islamic rules. Dr. Saiful Islam once said, “We Muslims should not always be in the most front of everything. We cannot always be the pioneers or the advanced ones in every single aspect of life”. From his statement we can take lesson that for example in the competition of certain kind of vulgar dancing, we are not demanded to take part moreover wish to be the best. In fact, we should abandon that kind of stuff. Another example, in the competition to be the best pub singers, for sure we can never participate in that event since the place like pub will drag us far from Islam. What we Muslims should pursue is the knowledge that will make us know Allah better. It can be anything, you know better. Think it yourselves or ask your pious friends and trusted teachers. Happy learning!

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