Friday, November 5, 2010

Say good bye to blogging?

It's November, buddies. Things have changed? Yes some did, some didn't. Hope all go toward the so-called improvement. One thing that is not really well to find out its solution is that the unwillingness within me myself to blog. In this sense, of course I am talking about the productivity to produce some kind worthwhile writing. To me, writing on a blog is just to write the idea and eagerness to share the good to the world. But on the top of that, it is all about the practice of writing - English writing and doing dakwah.

If you see the post of mine in Ramadan (few moths ago). It was quite diligent, right? Hehe...kidding. It was just, then I made some sort of target to do so. But last month, it was quite terrible as I could only submit less than 5 pieces of writing. Wildly imagining, if I am a student of this kind of blogger university, I am probably the worst one – always come late submitting the task from the professor need to absorb this last sentence...

Saying the above title is barely easy. But not saying it is not easy either as sometimes the laziness perches on the thinking and shoulder of mine. The thing that I've emphasized to myself is that a formula says, Blogging = learning to write + doing dakwah. This maybe the ideal one from all reasons soaring in my mind. But it's pretty much difficult. It's all about the spirit to act and undergo the plan, not about the planing anymore. Keep in mind that learning is a part of worship!!!

The lack of chance to read is also the problem that hampers me in blogging. When we are about to write a particular topic, of course the materials should have been digested by our brain. In short, we have got to read first or maybe experience something before blogging as it will enhance the quality of our writing. The forthcoming reason I'd like to unveil is that the business of mine. Yes I am working now. But is shouldn't be the burden to write. If all is properly scheduled, all will be just ok. Blogging is also going to be just fun. Hm...I'm talking this as I am actually giving medication for the sickness to blog. Hope it'll work out.

The last, I've got to love more blogging. Love it till undetermined time! Keep blogging so long it benefits you yourself and others. There is no need of wanting to be seen as good or smart person. That's not the point. You blog = you learn + you do dakwah, don't say the title above...

(It's remedy of mine). Thank you.

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