Monday, August 10, 2009


Yesterday (August 9, 2009), when I was on foot going down Central 7 building to attend My English Club activity, I saw a peculiar thing where the traffic around Pesantren Daarut Tauhiid and MQ guess house was quite at a dead set. I gazed for a while to the smoky haze nearby MQ guess house and I found a burned hut. It was exactly a small restaurant namely "Warung Tegal Bahari" where I usually have lunch there. There were quite a few people seeing and trying to fight off the fire by tossing buckets of water and using firing extinguishing equipment. They tried their best even though there was not any fire brigade alongside.

This once in a while-incident struck me since that was the second time in my life witnessing the burned building. A friend of mine told me that; at least one victim was brought to the nearest sickbay to be hospitalized. The person whose skin was detached and burned must be the one who always served and ask me "What do you want to eat? What portion of rice? And so on. I didn't want to imagine that it has happened anyway. In other hand, I feel so deep condole for that person who had a piteous accident. I would not probably be served by that person anymore who used to serve me and others for having meal, at least until he recovered then, hope you’ll be getting better soon man!

The cause of that fire can't be verified clearly, yet, it presumably was caused by the leak of gas stove pipe and it then stimulated by the flaming regular stove to cause a real fire. Apparently the restaurant’s employees used two kinds of stove to cook and warm up the food - gas and kerosene. In this kind of circumstance they should have realized and acted carefully since the LPG stove can be simply burned. Things must be taken into account regarding to this mishap are; first be sure to check the gas doesn’t leak and the pipe connected securely. Secondly, don’t place the two stoves (kerosene and gas) adjacently. Thirdly, prepare fire extinguishing equipment in our house or building, it can be either the liquid or the flour one. Fourthly, save the Fire fighter department number in our phonebook, please make it as the dial fast number so if the incident happened we can make a call by simply pressing the set number.

The lesson I could note from that mournful accident is that, I should be more careful in using or operating any device at my home, either electronic tools or others. Pray for the victims guys :)

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