Thursday, July 9, 2009

The wonderful June

What a radical experience I had on the last two weeks of this June. While I was focusing on my final paper, I had to do two big things ahead. The first one is that I became a tour leader for about twenty Singaporeans who were visiting Indonesia for seven days. The second one is that I became the surveyor of creative industries in Garut. Yet, I won’t explain the latter since I haven’t finished this project guys, maybe later.

Well, through a friend of mine that is one of Daarul Jannah Cottage’s staffs. I got an offer to be a tour leader for Singaporeans. He asked me to do that since he thought that I have a sufficient skill to speak English and guide the tourists along their excursion. The tourists just needed to be guided in Jakarta, Puncak and Bandung. I’ve already known that English which Singaporeans used was “Singlish” it meant Singapore English, and it really helped me then.

For one case it is maybe true that I am able to speak English since I go back with it for years, but did I have ability in leading or guiding a tour? Haha…that one is questionable. Nonetheless, I tried my best in guiding them since I wanted to show them what Indonesia really is, you know guys that between Indonesia and Singapore there’s a pretty big gap especially in Economy. But we do have sort of good things and they don’t. Obviously, they only have small area so they should go abroad to feel and know a new nature like mountains, lakes, craters etc, we shouldn’t have to guys, our archipelago is widely spread and extremely rich, I’m sure you haven’t explored all of them, have you? I want to do it someday.

Things I had just known about Singaporeans by then were quite plentiful. For one, since the majority isn’t Islam, at every mall in Singapore we can never find mosque or even small praying room, so we need to head off the mosque out there or maybe go to our home to perform shalat. They were quite excited to know that here in BIP (Bandung Indah Plaza) there was a tiny praying room, though it was in the ground floor.
I was pretty shocked to know that all Singaporean men, without exception must take NS (National Service) when they finish their high school or diploma. It means they must join kind of military school which for sure lasts for two years. We don’t have that, right! So, the key point is that they love their country so much since they only have small area and they will always defense it from any threats. Have we ever thought about that?

The next one I want to share with you guys is that, Singaporeans whom I guided were all great, they were really kind and friendly. I was so glad to talk and chat with them; therefore I’ve got a plan to visit them someday.

So sad I can’t explain all things here since I’m still focusing on my final paper now. I wrote this as a break from a totally dazing work doing my paper, see you soon, insya Allah!

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