Friday, July 31, 2009

Please, don’t be a Windows addict!

This is the very first time for me to write something for my Blog using Ubuntu instead of Windows on my laptop. Ubuntu is one of the Linux distributors which is used by most Linux users (Linux comes on varied types/distributors). In fact I'm not an advance in open source (such as Ubuntu), but I am not a totally dummy either on it, just a mediocre I would say. I've ever used Linux OS when I was a sophomore, back then I used Ubuntu 7.10, PC Linux and Blank-on 2.0. The latter was the version of Linux made and developed by Indonesian Linux lovers. At that time I was consistently used Linux for all my computing works - doing college tasks, making organization proposals, watching DVDs and so on.

Since the computer of mine was stolen, I had not been able to use Linux for months; instead, I used XP for all my works then. And luckily this time I am able to use Linux again, though I don't use it all time, maybe just 15 % of my computing activities, it is better that nothing, isn't it?

Using free OS like Ubuntu is kinda hard thing to do for most people as we have to learn it from the firs early. I'm quite sure that the first computer which is introduced to you was Windows, am I correct? At least that what I experienced long time ago. Windows is the commonest and friendliest OS ever for every single person on this planet, that's undeniable I’m sure. The company, Microsoft has an exceptional marketing strategy so that Windows can be sold worldwide. Not just marketing strategy anyways, Product Development and other Departments which could make Windows suitable for all the works we need are also awesome. Microsoft can beat all its competitors such as Apple, IBM and Redhat (not a wholly free Linux distributor, especially for corporate). I'm talking the truth that Windows XP is the most suitable OS ever, regardless to its weakness of being vulnerable and can be easily infected by viruses; anyways I still use it frequently. Don’t ask me about Vista, I’m totally gut full of it (sorry there Vista users ^^).

I've also got a plan to learn another operating system such as Macintosh since I love something new and different. Mac pretty much looks cool and stylish since the interface is exactly user-friendly. Besides, it also has bunch of wonderful software that Windows doesn't. Mac is also more resistant from viruses, trojan and such. A thing matters me is that its expensive price that it is out of my budget line, obviously. Mac is not sold separately, it means we've gotta buy Mac OS along with the computers, they are iBook, Macbook, iMac etc.

If you ask me what side am I on, for sure I'd love all those three operating systems – Windows XP, Linux and Mac. For now, I can't get rid of Windows since all software I need for my study, work and organizations can only work on Windows platform, viruses? No worries, I can chase them away by using daily-updated PCMAV or SMADAV. I can't solely use Linux since knowledge and facility (such as internet connection) of mine are still lack; I'll make my dial up modem not only work on Windows then, insya Allah. I can't use Mac since it's unaffordable and unfriendly in pricing, but I would be able to grab it someday. Hm...the best thing to do right now is that, use Windows for my work but also try to minimize using Windows for kind of easy work such as typing on word processing, instead I'll use Ubuntu for it. While doing those things, I'll save money for buying a real Mac and switch to it right away ^_^.

Using Windows all time is valued less good as we won’t get knowledge about other things, furthermore when we use the non-genuine one it’ll just make us more and more rely on it. Hence, think about using other operating systems such as Mac or any variants of Linux. I’m really sure we’ll get many things by doing so. Our dependence on Windows is just narrowing our mind and knowledge. Hm… sorry if you find this writing somewhat subjective, this is mere my personal opinion based on experiences of mine. Thank you :)

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