Monday, February 16, 2009

"Tucson meet your self"

"Tucson Meet Your self" is an annual event held by the government of Tucson to strengthen relationship among Tucsonian and other people from around the world who stay in Tucson. In this event we can see art performances and buy many dishes from many countries. Since there are many foods sold there, this event is often called "Tucson Eat Yourself" as we can eat many delicacies food. We can find food from Mexico (I forget the name), from Turkey like kebab, Japan like sushi, and many others. Unfortunately I did not find any food from Indonesia, it is because only few Indonesians live in Tucson. I have got a great dream to kick off business by opening "warung Tegal" or "warung nasi Padang" in Tucson, that's cool, isn't that? May God make my dream comes true, amiin.
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Unknown said...

I love Tucson Meet/Eat Your Self I ate a lot.... lol... we tried some food from different countries; Philippine, Thailand, Greek, Korea, Denmark (I also were invited to cook pancake ball in Danish food court with Risa) Turkey and some others. Hmmm did you meet the sculptor of John F Kennedy? We did and had time to take picture with him.........overall.....Tucson Meet/Eat your self is really cool!!