Monday, April 11, 2016


There is no doubt that any developed country has more entrepreneur than developing countries. It is believed that every country needs at least 2% of its citizen to be self-employed. Indonesian government is now concerned about improving the number of entrepreneur because we have now less than 1%. College students are now also encouraged to start their business. The government allocates some funding and makes programs for college students to run their business. I am the one who got the funding from government through PMW (Pogram Mahasiswa Wirausaha) in 2009.  Here I have some lessons to share with you students in running your business while you are at college.

First, love your business. Doing business must be enjoyable. This means you should only run the business you have love in that. If you love English, you may open English course or English private agent. If you love eating, you surely can run culinary business.

Secondly, you need to start your business as early as you can because reputation cannot be built in one night. Opening business at college will result in better self-reputation when you open your business in the future.

Thirdly, build the network with as many people as you can. Building network is going to be really useful because you will someday get your customers, suppliers who give low price, tips and tricks in running business from people who have more experiences. This can be done through being active at any community or organization. Printing your name card is a must.

If you have done these three things, I belive you’ll have better business. You may add some more tips anyway.

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