Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Don’t have access to reputable journal? No-worries!

It’s an obligation of university students and lecturers to write paper or any scientific writing. Lecturers or instructors have more work i.e. submitting their paper into journal, meaning that their research is published and known by others. This done as a way to develop knowledge in certain field they are in. Anyway, both reading and submitting paper need references we commonly call simply journal. Yet, because it’s costly, not every campus here in Indonesia subscribes journal, especially the reputable one. Here are some tips for you to get journal that you need for your research.

Firstly, try contact your friends, relatives or anyone (for example on facebook) who have access to the journal that you wish to read. They must be college students or lecturers or anyone whom you think has access. The key is, just open your mind. You may send him a link and ask him politely. This works out, I tried several times during my research.

Secondly, read the abstract and find the author’s data through internet (thanks to Facebook and Linkedin). Abstract is always available at no cost. It is much better if you could find his email. You need to email him that you desperately need his journal (mention the title). This usually takes sometimes. Just use a proper English when sending email to any professor or academician overseas. Consider his title so you may great him professor preceding his name. This may work out, too. But don’t despair if he does not reply or email you the journal.Keep trying!

I have personally done these two tips and thank Allah I got the journals that I needed. So, please try them out and good luck!

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