Thursday, October 30, 2014

Faith in Business

I'd like to begin by questioning, do weed to have a faith in doing business? Well, the answer is of course yes. The faith that I mean here is that something that is greater than the faith within yourself or just being confident. We need it though. 

The faith that I am interested in sharing here is the faith in our God. Subsequently, we believe that He is the One who gives us wealth and He is the One who suffices our needs. Whatever we do to make earning, He is the only Giver and Sustainer. 

Sometimes, most of us in Indonesia are not really confident in starting up the business, due to the lack of experience, knowledge, link and so on and so forth. Do not make it even worse by not believing that God will suffice us. Whatever we do, as long as the ways we are searching for the wealth is permissible according to our religion teachings, we need to keep going. To be what? To be a noble person. Yes this is one of the reasons we have our own business. 

To sum up, believing that God will suffice our need is the first step. Well, there is a consequence of believing God though. It is to do anything He orders and likes. It is a must and intolerable. Being confident in running the business is the second step. Having done these two things, just see the result and time will prove. God Willing!
Thank you.

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