Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jomblo Park

Bandung, the city where I live has now a new interesting place that I would like to share with you. It is “Jomblo Park”. Sounds great! Jomblo is Indonesian term for those who don't have girl or boyfriend. Who is jomblo here?
Well, you might ask why the mayor of Bandung built that kind of facility? This park is designed for all people in every age; babies, kids, teenagers, adults and beyond. It is therefore the park is not for couples who usually use the place such as park to do sort of dating. It is impossible for babies for having dating right?
There at Jomblo park we can enjoy the view of Bandung, which I like so much. And you know what, the seats or chairs (made from cement) are in green, red, white, purple, blue, yellow etc – so colorful. Beside, we can also play skateboards there. I cannot play it though! Hm...can't wait to come there again very soon!  

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