Thursday, January 31, 2013

Writing for Newspaper

It's little bit embarrassing that I haven't updated my blog this year, 2013. Well, all I want to write here now is about the writing I wrote few days ago. I wrote an article about leadership and I then sent it to two popular newspapers in my country. One of them is regional newspaper and the other one is national. That was my first time sending an idea to printed media to be published. And sadly to say that none of them replied my email. I very much understand that they got lots of emails and some of them are probably junks so that they had to select any writing very carefully before it is printed. Or I might think positively that they are still reviewing my writing :).

My reason of writing is not because of money. I read that if they publish our writing they will transfer some money as a form of appreciation. The money ranges from US 20 – 60 dollars. Well, I do need money but I didn't really expect that from my writing. My idea here is that, many of us can at least write something but we are too afraid to send that to any newspaper to be published. We tend to undervalue our writing, in fact no body has ever read or reviewed that. So, the good thing is that, let's start writing anything and trying to send it to any publisher. Writing a book might be little bit harder, so let us begin by writing for a column in a newspaper. If you need any link or email for you to send writing, here I show you the link to follow

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