Thursday, October 25, 2012

Omar Ibn Khatab (Movie)

It is the movie of Omar that's been wowing me. It is very long movie but it's indeed very much worth to watch. It's got 30 episodes and in duration it's for about roughly 15 hours. Its available for download at site such as Youtube. You may also get the DVD at dvd stores or online. Just search using “Omar or Movie of Omar/Umar” as keywords.
The movie tells much about the development of Islam since the beginning brought by Prophet Muhammad in the city of Mekah (Mecca) until its victory. The movie also portrays the strive of Prophet's sahabah (companions) in which Omar becomes the center of the story. Abu Bakar, Utsman and Ali are also told in the movie. Having watched this movie, I got so much inspiration and appreciation to all of prophet's companions including Bilal bin Rabah, in which he was a slave before his embrace into Islam.

In the movie, I could know more about the character of Omar who later became khilafah (Leader if Islam). He was a kaffir (a non-Muslim) but he had a very good stance in terms of fighting the right. He was very firm so that none of Arabs was brave against him. He used to be very tough in opposing Islam and prophet Muhammad as he thought that Muhammad and Islam has caused riot and trouble among Quraisy tribe. Once he even made decision to kill Prophet Muhammad.

It was when he listened to Al Quran recitation he decided to embrace Islam. His heart softened as the ayaah of Quran being read by one of his family members. It was so touching the audiences including me. Omar then changed himself 180 degrees to defend Islam and Islam was gaining substantial strength then.

Other pieces of story that impress me were a lot. Some of them are Abu Bakar story, Hijra to Medina, Hamzah's death, khilafah succession, Khaleed bin Walid leadership at wars and so forth.

If you are there the movie-holic or such. I recommend you to watch this Movie. It cannot be compared to other movies such as J Dorama (Japanese) or K movie (Korean). Omar movie really touches me and teaches me on how to be a good leader. All characters of Prophet's companions are also awesome. Ali, Abubakar and Utsman were indeed the best among Muslims after the prophet. They had very own characters that contribute to Islam development so that we can now know Islam. I have no doubt that their supports, sacrifices and contributions have made Islam spread around the globe. May Allah grant His mercies to all of them, amiin.

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