Thursday, July 26, 2012


Around a week ago I took part in an international seminar held by management department Indonesia University of Education. Placed at amphitheater building, this seminar was attended by around 200 participants from various backgrounds i.e. college students, lecureres, university’s staff, business practitioners and others. The topic we had then was about entrepreneur. We’ve been familiar with it, right? Well then, the topic was breakdown into tow parts. First is socio-preneur and the other is so-called techno-preneur. From those two terms I am sure you can guess what the content of the seminar was. The two speakers in the seminar were from Arizona USA, city of Chandler precisely. To me, the new thing that I heard is the first part I mentioned. The later, I thought I knew a bit so I wouldn’t share with you all here. Socio-preneur, based on the seminar is sort of person doing good things to develop society around him – intending to make progress and not relying much on government. This what the first speaker then mostly talked about. Kevin Hartke was the member of Chanlder chamber of commerse is a socio-preneur. He shared a lot about his experiences in developing society, helping the poor to get better life, motivating childern at schools, fixing public facilities, keeping environment safety and so forth. His theological background at master degree has shaped him to be an igniter and initiator to make changes. He told us that it is his inner-compass that drives him to go on and on. Restlessly he involves with society to stop cursing government, instead they start working on things they can do by themselves such as putting of grass besides the street. I did share with him and the other speaker about my experiences in doing almost the same thing. I’ve been working with friends of mine (and with my wife too) to maintain a community where we can result something, some big things hopefully. It is an English Community where anyone can join and learn English for almost free. We charge those who join fivety thousand rupiahs and they can learn English twice a week. What inspired me after joining the seminar is that, I cannot feel exhausted to share and work to make betterment in society. Islam teaches us to give benefits to others regardless we are paid or not. The key is, the more we give to people, the more Allah will give us. “The money is just an impact“, shared my wife. All in all, we cannot hope much on so called worly-things when we do good deeds. It is to attain Allah’s mercy is the ultimate goal we have got to put in every action we make. The Senior Pastor Kevin Heartke does good thing for his society in Arizona and I am now more into in serving people in community where I used to be the president. Start giving benefit, stop blamming anyone

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