Monday, June 4, 2012

Capsized Pyramid

As a student who’s learning Economics and management, I am keen on sharing my thought with you about something related to the subject I am learning. It’s actually the problem faced by some countries in the world and I picked Japan. Why Japan? It’s been quite some time that I follow the news about it, or write about it for my paper at college. Japan is now facing the problem called aging population, aside from its effort in handling nuclear problem caused by tsunami few months ago. Japan is a well-developed country but now is challenged by the economy and demography problem i.e. aging population. Aging population is situation in which most people live in a country are old people – more elderly than youngsters, in a simple sentence. This is sort of spooky thing as the country won’t work well. “If a country has more than 30% elderly with the age more than 60 years old, it’s not viable anymore. The number of money generated by 70% of the citizen is not enough to suffice and take care of the 30% elderly”, said Abduraheem Green in speech in Australia (I forgot the detail time and place). If a country has more elderly than the youngsters, the economy will fail sooner or later. Shrinking population is like an upside down as it is really difficult to overcome. It is a long term problem – demography and it takes decades to rebuild the country. Can you imagine in country with no children and teenagers? Most of the citizens are grand ma(s) and grand pa(s)? Schools and kindergartens are closed or converted into animals training places. This is what happened in Japan that I heard from a lecture of mine. One of the factors causing this issue is that, few people who think to get married or have children. They postpone the marriage for the sake of happiness and pleasure in the young ages. It is not simple to solve aging population. A lot of countries such as Germany, urges its citizens to get married and have babies. Those who do will be given some money but it seems a few people who do. China with its one child policy is now facing the scarce of labors for the industries. These are just few examples and I am certainly sure there are some more countries having the similar problem. To my logic and consideration, delaying the marriage is no more acceptable as if a lot of people do so, the problem will be in a large scale. Marco-scale problem is far harder to overcome. So, what do you think of this delaying marriage? What should Japan, China, Germany do? If you have any idea, please write your comment here. Thank you

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