Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bond of Love

It’s been quite awhile not posting piece of my idea or experience here. Well, now I’d like to share something that I believe so I do, at least I try to keep doing. It is called (doing) silaturrahim or silaturrahmi. I don’t really know the precise translation in English. But this word derives from Arabic which more or less means the bond of love. The meaning of love here is not between man and woman we mostly hear about. Instead, it’s the love between, for example, son and dad, teacher and student, you and your old friend. Yesterday morning I met one of my lecturers at my former university – Indonesia University of Education (UPI) and I haven’t met him in ages since my graduation. I dared myself to make appointment with him since once he phoned me, asking to meet and talk about something related to my master degree scholarship. I pretty much appreciate him and I like the way he taught me when I was studying at my under graduate. We planned to meet at 9 a.m. but I waited for him quite some time as he had lots of things to do first. I think it was just ok as while waiting I could relax and have some reading at his office. He is one of important persons at UPI some when I was there, there had been some people waiting for him, too. So, I knew myself that I my waiting was just really ok. To my surprise he showed up at around 9.25 a.m. He first talked to a security officer, conversing about a guess coming unexpectedly. I just listened to them. Having finished the talk, among the guesses I then got the first chance to talk with my lecturer. Yes we chatted about my study, scholarship, friends who haven’t graduated, and so forth. He gave me some meaningful advices and shared his experiences when he was at college. He even gave me one of his books, yes he wrote that book and offered me a chance to be his co-author. I didn’t say yes yet, but I think it’s worth accepting. I just need to learn more to write book about management. The point of this meet is what I mentioned above – silaturrahim (bond of love). Yes, Allah says that silaturrahim is a very good thing and this is an obligation of Muslim to conduct. One of the benefits in doing silaturrahim is that, Allah will grant us more blessings. In this case I got a book which of course has value of money. Keeping Silaturrahim with the persons we haven’t met for so long will indeed give us certain blissfulness and to some degree, it will invite Allah’s blessing that we never expected before. So, let’s do more silaturrahim with people we haven’t seen such as our former teachers, old friends, some families, relatives. We can do it more easily now by the existence of advanced technology such as SMS, BBM, or even by coming directly. Doing this, insya Allah we’ll get blessing of Allah. Thank you.

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