Sunday, November 15, 2009

Writing tips from novice!

I used to hate writing something about my feeling since I thought it was not really a man to share my feeling I have on my mind to other people. But lately I realized that it is a good way to improve skill of mine especially in the field of writing. In simply, writing means materializing ideas on mind onto piece of paper or by typing those in computer. The later is now more popular among us as almost everyone has computer, isn’t it?

For many people, sharing ideas by writing those in English can be so hard that they usually just prefer speak to write those out. To me, writing is like easier said than done, even until this moment. Sometimes I feel that my knowledge on how to make a good writing is not sufficient yet. This is what haunting everybody too, I guess. So, many of them just do nothing but condemning circumstances where they are – without any start to type. It is the worst ladies and gentlemen, nothing can suffice your mind’s needs nevertheless you just start writing.

Speaking words is not easy to do either as we have got to make impression that we are capable enough in conveying the message we are going to say. In some cases, it will be better for us if we just write those instead of to speak those out loudly. For example, we’d better ask our lecture about materials we don’t understand through an email instead of to ask him or her directly by phone. If calling is your opinion, I think you should also consider her or his availability since most of them are might busy people taking care of many privacy and college businesses. I do always feel anxious when I am about to call my lecture if I have question. But for me, writing an email often worked out. I pretty much managed by doing that.

To write good article or opinion, you should first start making good intention. And of course a good understanding of English should be put into account, yet, if you don’t think you are not capable enough to write yet, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. As a saying says, ”Don’t be afraid of making mistakes while you are studying any subject since there’s nothing can be learned from being perfect”. In other words, just type your ideas as soon as those appear on your mind. You can type those either in your computer or write those on notebook of yours.

The second point you need to pay attention is developing your writing. Try to find as many sources as possible in supporting the fact for your writing; Wikipedia and Google are the best friends which will help you earnestly in giving anything you are looking for. But be little bit picky in citing or taking any sources, you must at least compare an idea with another from different source. It’ll help you in case someone asks for more than source and that is better for sure.

Third point is letting your imagination fly into the space. Let it go like river flows; don’t make any boundaries as they will just make your idea crippling and stunted. The wilder you think, the better it’ll be. There’s nothing to do with any boundaries since your first aim is basically to produce writing.

Penultimate point, ask or consult someone who knows more about the topic you wrote. Ask him or her to correct if there is mistake or something that’s been changed or updated. Make sure you listen up and write what he or she says. It will be very helpful for you in producing the upcoming writing.

Last but not least, make a blog. Yes, please make a blog of yours as the media for you to express anything you have on your mind or to do anything you wish. There are many blogs you can use such as blogspot ( I use here, or wordpress ( is also a good site for you. Or maybe any site that provides free blog. By writing on blog, you can brush up your writing skill and sharpen your knowledge in topic you are interested. It’s easy and free to make a blog, but you need to update it regularly – once a week or once a month. It is better if you can update it every day, unluckily I can’t.

Well, what I wrote above just some sort of tips for those who have not started making any writing or anyone who wishes to improve his or her writing skill. It is also aimed to me myself so that I can produce better writing. My writing isn’t good either but I’ll try to learn make it better. That is what learning is all about – never ending improvement! Thanks for reading.

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Reni Shiren Aulia Nuryanti said...

Aslkm.. wr. wb

Kang!! mohon Informasi,,
kalo tempat tes toefl di bandung dmn?? biayanya kira-kira berapa???

hatur nuhun..

Reni Shiren Aulia Nuryanti said...

Di kampus reni juga ada,,, malah jadi salah satu mata kuliah. tapi, ngak dapat sertifikat,,, skornya juga ngak keluar Cmn nilai aja langsung nampang di KHS,, BTW hatur nuhun Infonya...

Iya,, reni dulu di Mts. kang egi suka ngisi acara PMR kan di mts?? tapi reni bukan ketua PMRnya, ketuanya Desti. Reni sodaranya A'usep & Niraa.