Thursday, January 22, 2009


Yeah I am the one who very much likes Japanese, both the language and the culture. When I was in Tucson USA, there were some friends of mine from Japan. They were really kind and friendly guys, they were typical of hard worker people, no wonder if Japan now becomes so advanced in technology and science. What I have just known is that, there is a term to call Japanese people who live and stay in America, they are called NIKKEI, ya NIKKEI, for me as a student of economics, it is not really strange as I always hear it in business news. Yeah NIKKEI is also the name of stock index in Japan, it is some sort of selected stocks which are quite popular for the investors either in Indonesia or whole over the globe. NIKKEI, I will see you again in Japan and America someday!

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Deadella_Iskandar said...

So am I,
I am curious about everything that relate with Japan, unique!
but poor i am, i don't have any friends from japan,
but i believe i'll go to Japan someday, and feel the uniqueness of Japan, amiin. ^^
NIKKEI|? hmm ... just know!