Thursday, September 20, 2012


Does anyone know the meaning of respect? Well, I think we all have known what this really is. The more important thing we have to do is to respect others instead of hoping to be respected. To respect others means respecting ourselves. We all live in the borderless world as what Kenichi Omae said. As a consequence, we are allowed to communicate or to send message or anything across country, across nation without any significant obstacle. But this easiness often makes us act carelessly regarding to the context of respecting others I mean here. To respect your friends in your school is much easier than to respect other people in a place way far from you. This is caused by the message distortion or information asymmetry between us the sender with people out there, the receiver.
Well, I want here talk about respect. Yes, I do respect all people out there as we all have right to be treated well, to be respected, regardless to what nation you are, regardless to what religion you adhere, regardless to what skin color you have.

To respect others can be manifested in the form of not giving any force. It can also be in a form of not doing any insulting action, saying or anything. It is because we all have to same right to live, we have the same right to follow what we think it is right, so long it doesn't irritate anyone in a sense of action. This is what a freedom really is.

As an example, I follow my stance that Islam is the only right religion and others are wrong. This is my faith saying it and I believe. But this stance or faith doesn't necessarily make me to hate other people outside Islam. This is just the nature of someone having any religion. I am certainly sure that Christians or Buddhists also are taught that their religions are the correct ones, others are wrong. So, having a stance that something is right, based on your own consideration is okay, so long you don't disturb others, so long you don't irritate anyone. I am a Muslim and I have right to defend my faith. Seeing movie of “Innocence of Muslims” is irritating because I am sure that in my religion, Prophet Muhammad can never be pictured, photographed and such. So, when someone did that, it irritates me and other Muslims. Do you think that they don't respect me? In fact, I respect them by giving them right to believe what they believe. So, who doesn't respect who?

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